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Sprue Often Recur, Beware Of Various Causes Of These Sprue

Thrush is a wound in the mouth that can heal itself within 7-14 days. Although it can heal itself, canker sores can cause pain and discomfort, especially if they often recur. Everyone has experienced sprue, in the medical world thrush is known as Stomatis Aftosa Rekuren (SAR). This wound can be small or large and feels painful. About half of sufferers can again experience thrush within 3 months. Thrush is more common in women. This is presumably because women experience hormonal changes more often than men. Until now, the cause of canker sores is not known with certainty, but many factors that trigger the emergence of canker sores. These trigger factors can originate from within the body or from outside the body. Causes of Sprue from Outside the Body There are at least four factors from outside the body that are often the cause of canker sores. These four factors are: 1. Injury Injury is the main cause of thrush. Injuries to the inside of the mouth usually occur due to biting,
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Colds in the Medical Perspective

The term colds is quite popular and is even considered a disease. Colds are often used to describe the problem of not feeling well, aches, and flatulence. Many people think that this happens because too much wind enters the body, especially during the rainy season. What is the medical world view about this? Catching a cold is not a medical term nor is it a disease. Colds are just a term used by Indonesian people to describe complaints of fever, chills, muscle aches, aches, flatulence, and loss of appetite. Causes colds The causes of colds can vary, because there are various diseases that can cause complaints above. But certainly, colds are not caused by wind or rain directly. Complaints to colds most often arise due to decreased endurance, so that sufferers are susceptible to being infected with viruses or bacteria. Why this condition is associated with wind and rain, is still unclear. But certainly, the lack of sun exposure during the rainy season can indeed make the production

Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood Can Cure Disease, This Is The Fact

Some parents may choose to save the umbilical cord of a newborn baby, but not with the blood. In fact, cord blood can help cure diseases in the future. Is that true? Cord blood is blood found in the umbilical cord (umbilical cord) and placenta after the baby is born. This blood is believed to be used to treat various diseases. If you are pregnant and plan to save cord blood after your baby is born, it's better to find out the facts first. For what is stored cord blood? Cord blood contains many stem cells or stem cells that play a role in the development of various tissues, organs, and body systems. Stem cells found in each part of the body can change and grow into other cell types. Although it was first known as part of aesthetic anti-aging therapy, stem cells actually have a lot of useful potential. The benefits of stem cells until now continue to be researched and developed as a solution to various health problems that have been difficult to handle. Through the process of